• Internet Explorer is a major security risk

• Infected websites can easily pass Viruses
to your computer.

• Email is still a leading cause of virus and maleware proliferation.

• When definitions expire, your utility is no longer protecting your computer.



Expert Delousing and Optimization Service

Is your computer running sluggishly, freezing up or having problems connecting to the internet? It could be infected with Viruses and Maleware.

It's time to schedule an appointment with RPCR. Our service techs will remove your old, outdated utilities and replace them with the newest versions of AVG Antivirus and SUPERAntiSpyware.

Next, we check the hard drive for boot errors and fragmentation and make any necessary repairs.
Our team will run thorough scans on the drive until every piece of malicious code has either been quarantined or removed from your system.

Finally, we optimize the system and the memory for best performance and security. We will make recommendations for future maintenance as well as any hardware or software that may require repair or replacement.

All of this comes with our Service Garauntee!
Order this Service today for just $99.00!
Free pickup and Delivery service to our Rocky Point Customers!

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